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Does Brainzyme® work? | Brainzyme Reviews & Side Effects

Brainzyme has fast become a popular supplement that works to support brain function and cognitive performance.

It uses superfoods, herbals, amino acids, vitamins and minerals in a powerful scientific formulation - and it can also be described as a natural nootropic that helps with concentration, motivation*, mood* and energy. 

However, does it work? And what are the potential side effects of Brainzyme?

We will look at what customer reviews and scientific literature say.


Brainzyme - Does it work?

Brainzyme's formulas are based on ingredient research from leading neuro-cognitive and nutritional experts, including the 18 member panel at EFSA.

BrainZyme - Does It Work?

Brainzyme is one of the few natural nootropic brands in the UK that has been proven to be compliant with six different agencies that police food supplements:

    • The Department of Health (UK)
      • The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (UK)
        • The Food Standards Agency (UK)
          • City of Edinburgh Environmental Health (Scotland)
            • Trading Standards (Scotland)
              • The European Food Safety Authority (EU)

              Brainzyme reviews

              Furthermore, the majority of people who have used Brainzyme do find the supplements to be very effective, as customer reviews are overall very positive. You can read Brainzyme reviews on the following websites:

              Please check out this collection of Brainzyme reviews from a variety of sources such as customers, media, athletes and medical experts.


              Based on its scientific formulation, strict adherence to British supplement regulation and customer feedback, Brainzyme does work to help with concentration (attention and focus) as well as your memory, mood and motivation.

              Brainzyme's potential side effects

              Brainzyme Focus is a range of brain food supplements containing plant-powered ingredients that have been scientifically proven to support concentration, cognition, energy, memory and mental performance.

              The ingredients in all Brainzyme Focus products are:

                • 100% plant-powered:
                  Plants, Herbals, Botanicals
                • Vegan Amino Acids:
                  Theanine, Tyrosine, Carnitine
                • Essential Vitamins & Minerals

              The active ingredients in Brainzyme Focus Original include Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT™) Blend, guarana, choline, vitamins and minerals.

              The active ingredients in Brainzyme Focus Pro include Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT™) Blend, guarana, choline, tyrosine, ginkgo, vitamins & minerals.

              The active ingredients in Brainzyme Focus Elite are ginseng, Enhanced Matcha Theanine (EMT™) Blend, ginkgo, acidophilus, guarana, choline, carnitine, curcumin, vitamins & minerals.

              All these ingredients are naturally-sourced, so unless you're allergic to a specific ingredient, it is unlikely you will experience side effects.

              Does Brainzyme have any side effects?

              Based on sales to thousands of customers in the UK and across the world, the most common side effect customers have reported is an increased need for water.

              Increased thirst (in 20-30% of customers):

              Some people taking Brainzyme become more thirsty than usual, so it is advisable to drink more water during and after taking Brainzyme.

              We would advise taking a full cup of water (250ml or eight fl.oz) when taking Brainzyme and at least another 1-2 cups during the next 4-8 hours. The more water you take (within reason), the better these supplements work.

              Effects on sleep (5% of customers):

              If you take Brainzyme in the late afternoon or evening, you may find it difficult to sleep. Therefore, we would recommend taking the supplements first thing in the morning before breakfast or before lunch.

              Generally, we would recommend 3 pm as the latest time for taking Brainzyme. If you take Brainzyme after 3 pm, it could affect your sleep, especially if you are sensitive or a light sleeper.

              The effects of Brainzyme last for up to 8 hours, so it will not affect sleep if taken during the day and not too close to bedtime.

              Difficulty taking on an empty stomach (rare):

              Some people have reported that they find it difficult to take the capsules on an empty stomach.

              The directions for use on the packaging are as follows:

              Take 2-3 capsules with a large glass of water without food for best results. (For example, 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after food). If you want a stronger effect, increase the dosage. Don’t take more than 6 capsules in one day.

              TIP: Digestion can be aided by drinking half a glass of water immediately before the capsules and then half a glass immediately after. Or, you can take the capsules with food that does not contain protein.

              Some people, especially those with a sensitive stomach, can find taking the capsules on an empty stomach difficult. If you do have a sensitive stomach, please drink extra water, as this will make it easier for your digestion.

              This typically means between 1-2 cups or 250-500ml of water. Another useful tip to avoid sensitive stomach issues is to take half a cup of water immediately before taking the capsules and another half cup of water immediately after taking the capsules.

              Alternatively, you can take Brainzyme with food as long as it contains no protein. This is usually very efficient in alleviating issues with sensitive stomachs.


              Based on customer reports, there are very few side effects for Brainzyme, and the ones noted are related mainly to not drinking enough water to absorb the capsules effectively. 

              Food supplement cognitive enhancers - or natural nootropics - tend to be safer than pharmaceutical smart drugs, and the ingredients in natural nootropics tend to be more well-researched, lowering the chance of unforeseen effects.

              Click here to learn more about Brainzyme or to shop now.

              NOTE: The above information is based on the recommended dose of a maximum of 6 capsules per day.
              * Anecdotally, the improved concentration from Brainzyme enables increased motivation.

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