Presse, Experten und Sportler über Brainzyme


“Brainzyme hilft Menschen, die konzentrierter und weniger abgelenkt sein möchten”

Forbes über Brainzyme

"Brainzyme is a food supplement for the brain, also known as a 'cognitive enhancer', manufactured by Edinburgh-based Better Nutritional Science and aimed at helping people who want to think more clearly and be more focused and less distracted, including students, sportspeople, and working professionals."

- Alison Coleman, Senior Contributor bei Forbes.

The Times:

“Der spürbarste Effekt, bereits am ersten Tag der Einnahme, war das Verschwinden meines Nachmittags-Tiefs”

The Times über Brainzyme

“Brainzyme, a “natural nootropic” … The most noticeable effect, even on the first day of taking [Brainzyme], was the alleviation of my mid-afternoon slump…

If I popped my nootropic at noon, I felt less inclined to drop off at my keyboard at about 3pm ... [it] did convince me that nootropics are something worth pursuing.”

- Peta Bee, Journalistin bei The Times.

Daily Mail:

“Mittel gegen Brain-Fog; Brainzyme Focus Pro Kapseln”

Daily Mail über Brainzyme

Es handelt sich um ein 100% pflanzliches “Nootropic” oder “Smart Drug”. Natürliche Nootropics sind Booster für das Gehirn und solche mit Ginkgo Biloba werden schon seit Jahrhunderten in der chinesischen und ayurvedischen Heilkunde verwendet.

MEIN URTEIL: [Mein Mann sagte mir] ich sollte es öfter nehmen. “Du warst aufgeweckter und anders als sonst. Du warst gesprächiger und hast aufmerksamer gewirkt.”

Bewertung: 4/5

- Anna Maxted, Daily Mail


“Stärken Sie Ihr Gehirn: Brainzyme Focus Pro Supplements”

Metro über Brainzyme

“Sie möchten Ihre Konzentration und Motivation steigern?Brainzyme Focus Pro Nahrungsergänzung enthält 20 aktive Inhaltsstoffe, inklusive Pflanzenextrakte, Aminosäuren, Vitamine und Mineralstoffe, die alle wissenschaftlich bewiesen sind die Gehirnfunktion zu unterstützen.”

Health & Fitness:

“Brainzyme beginnt innerhalb einer Stunde zu wirken. Es [...] erhöht den Dopamin-Spiegel im Gehirn und steigert Motivation”

Health & Fitness über Brainzyme

“GET SMART -Need a sudden boost of brain power? There could be a pill for that ... natural brain enhancers aimed at providing optimum nutrition to the brain, while giving an immediate lift in cognitive function [have] arrived.

Brainzyme starts to work within an hour. It contains matcha green tea (rich in theanine, an amino acid that calms and focuses the mind), guarana, ginkgo leaf extract, choline, l-tyrosine, an amino acid that increases dopamine levels in the brain, helping you feel motivated and assertive, plus 11 vitamins and minerals.” 

- Eve Boggenpoel, Features Writer bei Health & Fitness.

Esports Team Singularity:

“Brainzyme ist wie eine ‘Glückspille’”

Gewinner der Esports Copenhagen Meisterschaft (Profi-Turnier) 2017 & 2018

"I believe performance-enhancing nutrition will be a big part of esports in the future. In a recent bootcamp for our Overwatch team [some] of the players tried the product [Brainzyme], and they described it as a 'good luck' pill for them, as it helped the players have a more focused and efficient day of practice at the bootcamp facility.”

- Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO Singularity Esports.

Trail Running Magazine:

“Brainzyme Nahrungsergänzung [...] hilft, konzentriert zu bleiben und klar zu denken”

Die Zeitschrift Trail Running über Brainzyme

“There are plenty of ways of feeding your body, but here’s something that nourishes your brain. Brainzyme supplement is claimed to be a cognitive enhancer, which in lay terms means it helps to keep you focused and support clearer thinking, which is just what you want if you’re tackling a technical mountain run. Brainzyme says its capsules are fast-acting and take effect within the hour.”

Obstacle Race:

“Es fühlt sich an als ob ein Schalter umgelegt wird, der es dem Gehirn erlaubt durchgehend mit voller Kapazität zu funktionieren”

Obstacle Race Magazine über Brainzyme

“Another way to get a head start is to use supplements called Nootropics. These food supplements are designed to help you think clearer, concentrate longer and just generally get the most out of your brain. Taking these is a little like having the power to flick a switch in your brain to have it working at full capacity all the time and without any crash.

Brainzyme have hit the UK market with a nootropic which is really making waves in the sporting and professional circles. A healthy list of athletes [including] Britain’s best Badminton player Kirsty Gilmour are already raving about the benefits of these brain boosting supplements. Brainzyme have three levels of nootropics available."

- Carl Wibberley, Redakteur von Obstacle Race Magazine.

Top Santé:

“Bleiben Sie am Ball mit dieser Nährstoffmischung zur Optimierung des Gehirns.”

Top Santé über Brainzyme

"New Memory and Focus Booster
Stay on top of ... planning, diary dates and all your other tasks with a nutrient combo designed to optimise your brain.
New Brainzyme is an all-natural blend of energising matcha green tea, guarana and B vitamins, along with iron, zinc, iodine and the nutrient choline, which has been shown to help support brain and nerve function."

Nutraceutical Business Review:

“Brainzyme ist eine effektive Alternative zu Medikamenten zur Steigerung mentaler Leistung”

Nutraceutical Business Review

 “Smart drugs are increasingly common. Everyday pressures on students, professionals, athletes and active people who need high levels of concentration means that many turn to smart drugs: pharmaceuticals used off-label to try to increase brain-power.

But, what if there was a way to achieve similar things through more natural means, such as food supplement ingredients or vitamins? Could putting your brain on food with a nutritional smart drug work as well as — or better than — a pharmaceutical smart drug?

Brainzyme, a food supplement pioneering in the field of nutritional cognitive enhancement, answers this question with a resounding “yes!” 

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Christine Bailey - Preisgekrönte Ernährungstherapeutin:

Brainzyme enthält eine Reihe von Nährstoffen, die bekanntermaßen Fokus und Konzentration unterstützen”

Christine Bailey MSc MBANT CNHC
Preisgekrönte Ernährungstherapeutin, Autorin und Rundfunksprecherin.

Aus dem Video New Year, New Brain: “Now, if you are wanting to improve your focus and concentration, then why not consider a natural food supplement? This is Brainzyme, [it] contains a range of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients known to help with focus and concentration, and with energizing our body and our brain.”

- Christine Bailey

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  • Video ansehen: Medizinische Experten

Tim Grivell - Psychologe & Berater: 

“Meine liebste natürliche Alternative zu Modafinil ist ein Nahrungsergänzungsmittel namens Brainzyme*”

Zugelassener Psychologe & Berater

“My favourite natural substitute for Modafinil is a supplement called Brainzyme, which is fairly new, and I was initially pretty sceptical about, but actually in my experience, it does seem to compare very favourably.

It comes on within the hour, like Modafinil, and whether it due to the aforementioned Choline, which it contains, Matcha green tea which has Theanine, which is another natural nootropic, or L-Tyrosine, which has a similar dopamine pathway to the one Modafinil does …

If you do choose to go down the natural route, my particular favourite in terms of comparison with Modafinil is the Brainzyme Professional, which is their ‘mid-range’ option and that seems to work out a bit cheaper than buying Modafinil online.”

- Tim Grivell

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*Bitte beachten - dieses Zitat bezieht sich auf die Verwendung von Modafinil als “Smart Drug” (ohne Rezept) anstatt gegen Narkolepsie. Falls Ihnen Modafinil aus gerechtfertigten medizinischen Gründen von einem Arzt verschrieben worden ist, sollten Sie das Medikament nicht einfach absetzen.

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Dr. Sarah Nicholls - Ärztin:

Brainzyme enthält Matcha, Guarana und Cholin, die alle bekanntermaßen kognitive Funktionen erhöhen”

Dr. Sarah Nicholls

“Brainzyme is a nutritional supplement, which means that it’s a food supplement, rather than being a medicine. It has a variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, that are intended to boost concentration, help you be more motivated, give you more energy and boost your memory.

It contains Matcha green tea powder, Guarana and Choline, which are all well known to boost these cognitive effects. And it’s not like energy drinks and coffee, in that you won’t experience palpitations or restlessness you might experience with highly caffeinated drinks, and you should also not experience the typical crash you might do after coffee. They have a few different varieties, my favourite is the [Brainzyme] Elite."

- Dr. Sarah Nicholls

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Britische Meisterin im Badminton - Kirsty Gilmour:

Ich habe die Kapseln während der letzten Scottish Open verwendet. Meine Konzentration war besser und hielt länger an”

Kirsty Gilmour über Brainzyme:
Britische Meisterin im Badminton und Teilnehmerin bei den Olympischen Spielen 

“I used [Brainzyme] during a couple of my matches at the recent Scottish Open tournament.

I thought they worked really well! I felt my eyes were able to focus on the shuttle better and my concentration was better for longer. I've been using the Professional capsules and I think they work a treat!”

- Kirsty Gilmour

Britischer Meister im 800m Hallenlauf - Guy Learmonth:

“Brainzyme hat meine mentale Leistung, Konzentration und Aufmerksamkeit im Training verbessert”

Guy Learmonth über Brainzyme:
Britischer Meister im 800m Hallenlauf

“Being an athlete, I'm naturally a bit skeptical with all supplements that I put into my body but with Brainzyme I've found to be an incredible food supplement for training, racing and all aspects of my life away from the track. Races at the highest of levels come down to fine margins, winning or losing, medalling or not, can come down to hundredths of seconds and Brainzyme is helping provide me with that natural cognitive enhancer to gain that mental edge over my rivals.

The power of the mind is widely overlooked when performing, but I truly believe winning and losing is determined weeks before anyone steps out onto the track and that is why I am bringing Brainzyme into my everyday life, to improve my mental performance, concentration and alertness in training on a daily basis so that come race day, I am 100% mentally as well as physically ready. "Get smart, get more done!”

- Guy Learmonth 

Britischer Meister im Curling - Duncan Menzies:

“Tolles Produkt, das wirklich meine mentale Leistung verbessert hat!”

Duncan Menzies über Brainzyme:
Team Paterson

“I found this product particularly helped me during early morning starts. I would simply pop two Elite tablets before getting out of bed, then go and shower and by the time I was out of the shower I would be raring to go! I’ve already recommended the tablets for the rest of my teammates!”

- Duncan Menzies 



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